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At Conceptify we love the good idea, the good story and the good business concept. We can help you to lay the foundations for your business with a clear presence and eye-catching visibility online. We truly believe that strong relations, relevant traffic and a business concept, which really stands out and dares to think differently and going new ways are the keywords in building a successful online business.

We will accompany you on this journey by creating a complete solution for you, so you easily can bring your ideas to life and achieve your goals.

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From idea to concept to strategy

At Conceptify we create the foundation and the platform for your ideas. We offer you a complete business strategy expressing your ideas, your goals and your brand values. Together with you, we create an innovative concept and an attractive brand, which will be the key to your success online.


New website - a long-term investment

Express your brand and visual identity online with a convincing website to build strong customer relations, create more sales and give a good experience. Create the best first-hand impression with a user friendly, dynamic and trustworthy website, where design, texts and photos create a holistic and positive experience.


SEO - your Google-rank is crucial

One of the keys for success online is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Google is your friend, and the higher Google-rank the more organic traffic. For 8 out of 10 customers the buying process starts on Google, and the organic results have most credibility and trust. We offer you attractive SEO-services, so you hit the top of the ‘Google mountain’ and get happy customers.


Create brand awareness on social media

Social media is the place to meet your customers and to build relations, engagement and ambassadors around your brand. Customers tend to spend up to 40 % more money on brands, they interact with on social media. At Conceptify we can build a SoMe-strategy for you, so you can take advantage of all the benefits of social media.


Google Ads, Shopping and retargeting

At Conceptify we create and optimize Google Ads and Shopping campaigns, so you get relevant traffic and the best return on investment. We advice you to use retargeting on Facebook and Instagram, where you can transform abandonded checkouts to valuable customers. We can help you with the proper advertisement mixture, so you get the best results.


We create value for our customers

At Conceptify we focus on results and value for our customers. We have an honest, professional and straightforward approach, and after many years of experience we know, what works online, and how to build a successful online business.

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Zaltify - from idea to success

At Conceptify we are proud to have Zaltify as a top-customer. They sell the popular Zalto wine glasses. We have build their concept from ‘scratch’ with a true passion for the enhanced wine experience. With a 360° approach including website, SEO, SoMe and a perfect advertisement mixture, we have build a successful business and a brand that creates resonance in the wine world. Via innovative pictures,a network of influencers and the ‘enhanced wine taste’ as the red line Zaltify is now a market leader within the wine industry. When a strategic concept creates results!


Chaîne des Rôtisseurs - conceptify gourmet

With pleasure we have delevoped website, social media-strategy and an effiecient SEO-strategy for the world’s biggest gourmet organization Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. With the passion for fine dining, gourmet og bonvivant we have created a concept, where members and visitors share their experiences and meet around the passion for gastronomy. A user friendly website, a strong presence on social media and a strategic SEO-effort the organization has resulted in a greater visibility, more members and a stronger brandposition within the gourmet society.

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